Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 3

music, concert, live

Some songs are meant to be understood
only years after you had first heard them.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 2

wendy, peter pan, neverland

Once in every girl’s life, a Peter Pan comes along,
asking her to fly, bringing her to the second star to the right,
and then leaving her in the morning.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 1

diningtable, meal, dining room, yellow

Until now, I can’t understand how you still wanted more
even when we already had it all.

Vol. 4 Ch. 2 P. 1


A million bricks can build a city.
A million pricks can break a heart.

Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 5

Sendong,Iligan, Labuyo, Maring,typhoon

You may have destroyed all that we’ve worked for, but that wouldn’t stop us from working.
You may have buried our dreams, but that wouldn’t stop us from dreaming.
Like all the others that have come before you, you failed to break us.